Bellevue Education Association

Notice of WEA-RA & NEA-RA Delegates / Successors:

WEA-RA Delegates
1 Allison Snow
2 Jill Rock
3 Amy Stern
4 Mandy Sim
5 Kelye Kneeland
6 Claire McGee
7 Dan Sakaue
8 Ben Mast
9 Rachel Tochiki
10 Michelle Mordaunt
11 Terry Jess
12 Don Burress
13 Apurva Iyengar
14 Mary Takle
15 Nick Marmolejo
16 Marina Tourniare
17 Jesse Draud
18 Stephanie Lawrenson
19 Rylie Uselman
20 Kelly Balzer
21 Grace Brady

NEA-RA Delegates
1 Allison Snow
2 Jill Rock
3 Amy Stern
4 Rachel Tochiki

NEA-RA Successors
1 Nick Marmolejo
2 Stacia Bible


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The Bellevue Education Association is a professional association and union that serves as an advocate for its members and empowers the individuals it represents.  It promotes positive educational working environments, safeguards members' rights, informs and works with the extended community, provides representation on educational issues and acts to obtain the resources necessary to insure excellence in public education.

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