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The Bellevue Education Association is a professional association and union that serves as an advocate for its members and empowers the individuals it represents.  It promotes positive educational working environments, safeguards members' rights, informs and works with the extended community, provides representation on educational issues and acts to obtain the resources necessary to insure excellence in public education.

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BEA Fall Special Election 2022 Candidate Statements and Photos


Kim Hay- Classroom Based Services Executive Rep

I have three high-schoolers and am a longtime BSD special education teacher. This is my 23rd year in BSD, giving me knowledge and perspective of the roles of each group I will represent. From classroom teaching and co-teaching, bargaining, union representation at WEA, representation on building and district leadership teams, and committee facilitation, I bring experience working as a union leader and a strong voice including perspective on how services connect and impact each other. I will listen to concerns, ask questions, and work to ensure students’ and staff’s voices are heard and needs met. Thank you for your consideration! 


Stephen Miller-MLK Labor Council Rep

As a MLK Labor Council Rep we are expected to be a liaison and build relationships between BEA members and the greater King County labor union community. There are two positions up for election. I’ll rely upon the experience, knowledge, and relationships acquired over 24 years as a BEA member, 5 years as BEA Building Rep and/or Exec Comm member, 4 years as BEA President, and 6 years as WEA Vice President to fulfill the responsibilities of this position in service of BEA members. Thank you for your trust and support for our work together as union members!


Lena West-Elementary Executive Board Rep

My name is Lena Pothitou-West, and I have been an elementary school teacher since 1999, with over twelve years of experience working for the Bellevue School District. I have served as a BEA representative in elementary schools, advocating for and supporting fellow educators. I believe that all teachers should feel supported in their vital work of strengthening partnerships with families and providing exceptional education to all students.

Chad Harper-Sammamish UniServ Rep

PDF of Candidate Statements and Photos

BEA Executive Board

President: Jill Rock

BEA Office

Vice President: Regen Lorden

BEA Office

Secretary: Abigail Horsfall

International School

Treasurer: Sara Clarke

Highland Middle

Equity Specialist: Marnie Kazarian Olson

Enatai Elementary

Early Career Educator Specialist: Tasha Dhoot

Wilburton Elementary

High School Rep: Anna Silarski

International School

Middle School Rep: Ana Garcia (interim)

Highland Middle

Elementary Rep: Kyle Reimergartin

Spiritridge Elementary

Elementary Rep: Open Position

Classroom-Based Services: Ainsley Goodrich (interim)

Sammamish High

ESA Rep: Michelle Mordaunt

Highland Middle School

Specialist Rep: Mark Wilbert

BSD Central Office

Sammamish UniServ Council Board Representative

Eve Chan

Jill Rock

Regen Lorden

Two open positions

MLK Labor Council

Allison Snow

Two open positions

BEA Rep. Council Endorses BSD Levy Renewal 

On December 16, 2021, the BEA Representative Coucil unanimously voted to endorse the BSD Levy Renewal. The vote will be held February 8th. Click here to read more about the two levy renewals.

BEA Rep. Council supports BSD Community Agreements

On December 16, 2021, the BEA Representative Coucil voted to sign the BSD Community Agreements written by Interlake High School senior Priyanka Mukhara.

The full text of the Community Agreements is below:

Dear BSD community members,

The effort to create accepting, anti-racist communities within our Bellevue schools has persisted for many years. With BSD staff, students, and administrators working towards our own personal ideals, it has come time for us to work together to reach a common vision, and to expand our efforts towards a shared goal.

With the intent to create a tolerant, anti-racist BSD culture and community, we work towards:

1. Adopting the goals of the anti-racist petition on a district-level.

2. Implementing the anti-racist practices outlined in the petition within individual classrooms.

3. Including student representation on high school building REI teams.

4. Encouraging the development of race, sexuality, and other identity-based affinity groups at all BSD schools.

     a.Ensuring the presence of a SOAR chapter at each school.

BEA Constitution Changes - Election Results (2/3 voting members in favor needed to pass)

1.) Article VII, Section 4- Representative Council

(Addition of 6 new At-Large Representative Council positions)

PASSED: 87.78% - YES, 12.22% - NO

2.) Article VII, Section 5 - Representative Council

(Term date to start on July 10th)

PASSED: 93.41% - YES, 6.59% - NO

3.) Article VIII, Section 2 - Executive Board

(Addition of 2 At-Large Executive Board positions)

PASSED: 78.28% - YES, 21.72% - NO

Eastside Pathways Equity Pledge

On September 23, 2021, our BEA Representative Council voted to sign the Eastside Pathways Equity Pledge as a Partner Organization. 

Eastside Pathways Equity Pledge participants believe that:

  • Race is a human-invented social construct and a classification system used as a tool for oppression and violence.
  • Racism is designed to privilege White people and set “Whiteness” as the norm.
  • Acknowledging racism and its impact on all people, particularly people of color, is foundational to doing racial equity work.
  • Courage, accountability and collaboration are key leadership skills to reimagine our community and how we operate within it.
  • Addressing internalized, interpersonal, institutional and structural inequality (particularly racial inequity) leads to more diversity and inclusion.

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