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Benefits of Membership

Voice and Vote:  Your membership entitles you to a voice and vote in BEA activities and business, which also includes contract negotiations and ratification.

Liability Insurance:  The NEA policy provides the best employment protection in the world for teachers.  Up to $1 million in employment liability insurance is available.

Legislature:  Full-time lobbyists help ensure your views are heard at the state and national level and that you are informed about what is taking place during the legislative session.

Professional Publications:  Prize-winning publications keep you informed and alert as to what is happening in education.

Professional Development:  The BEA and WEA work to enhance your skills through workshops, conferences, and forums on important topics.

Legal Assistance:  You are entitled to two free 30-minute sessions and a 30% discount on subsequent sessions with participating attorneys for personal matters which include: real estate, wills and estate, domestic relations, consumer protection, and traffic violations. Click here to find a participating attorney.

Credit Card Program, Line of Credit, and Credit Plan:  NEA provides access to many programs aimed at meeting the needs of educational employees.

Home Financing Programs:  NEA members can access this program when they are ready to purchase a home or when refinancing the home they currently own.  Home equity loans are also available.  The program offers competitive rates, substantial savings, and free mortgage counseling services.

Investment Services:  NEA offers Money Market Accounts, Gold Certificate CD Programs, and tax deferred annuities.

Retirement Solutions:  You can choose from a variety of diversified investments that can help you build a more substantial retirement nest egg faster than with taxable, short-term investments. 

Insurance Programs:  You have access to a variety of insurance for your personal life such as life, homeowners, auto, travel and accident, and mortgage protection.

Discounts:  Your membership will entitle you to discounts for major entertainment centers, travel, car rentals, dining out, vehicle protection, classroom resources, cellular phone service, and car rentals.

Position Listing Service:  Members have access to a listing of current job postings in Washington schools and colleges.

For more information on membership benefits and discounts, please visit the following websites:

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