BEA Executive Board

The BEA Executive Board is comprised of eleven members elected biannually to take a closer look at how our organization can serve you. Instrumental in guiding policies and practices and steering the organization, the Executive Board is here to identify and resolve issues before they begin.

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BEA Representative Council

We have a network of over 80 BEA Representatives, including at least one in your building, who are there to answer your questions, provide guidance, clarify contract questions, and keep you informed. Specialized position? No problem. Our representatives truly represent our entire member base. If you are an educator at Bellevue School District, we have a representative that covers you!

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Click here to view the 2021-2022 BEA Representative Council Calendar

UniServ Representative

No one expects issues to arise, but if they do, BEA has the services of a  dedicated UniServ Representative. This representative is responsible for clarifying contract issues, and supporting you through mediation with the district. The Uniserv Rep, along with member of our negotiations team bargain with the district to create a fair and equitable contract every three years.

WEA Sammamish UniServ Rep - Michael Ruiz